China and Europe are the world’s biggest and most significant trading partners and the import and export business between them facilitates other business on respective lands. In 2022, China was the EU’s third-largest commercial partner after the US (export to) and Taiwan (import from), whereas the EU is China’s largest trading partner, according to the European Commission. China took over the 20.8% stage of the EU importing goods from other countries and 9.0% when exporting goods. According to the European Parliament, the EU’s bilateral trade imbalance with China grew from €154.7 billion to €396 billion between 2018 and 2022, which consequentially increased EU imports from China (+83%). This staggering growth of trading volumes between China and the EU has also fostered the demand for freight from China to Europe

Approximately 90% of the total volume of trade between China and Europe is carried out by shipping, making it the primary route of transportation. The air freight accounts for a significant share as well, particularly for high-value, sensitive products. And due to the enormous by road distance from China to the EU and vice-versa, road freights account for an even smaller portion (around 1.4% by volume). They are used for specific situations such as:

  • Shorter intra-European or intra-China legs of a journey.
  • Specialized cargo requiring close monitoring or rapid regional delivery. 

Therefore, shipping from China to the EU being the primary way to transport goods, it is also a difficult procedure that involves enormous distances as well, as weather, traffic, rules, expenses, and risks. In order to ensure the effectiveness, dependability, and sustainability of the countries’ trade, the specialists at Mastiha Logistics optimize the freight routes between China and Europe.

Importance Of Freight From China To Europe

As per economic reports, China and Europe are economic powerhouses, and the bridge connecting them is freight. Smooth freight between the EU and China keeps the China-Europe trade corridor booming, with a value exceeding €856 billion in 2022 (Source-Eurostat).

The range of products exchanged between these two regions is enormous, ranging from food and clothing to electronics and machinery. These enormous needs are satisfied by excellent and smooth freight services, which guarantee safe and prompt delivery across continents.

The major goods that are transported from China to the EU are machinery and electronics, textiles, medical equipment and furniture and toys. On the other hand, the EU majorly exports vehicles, machinery parts, chemicals, pharmaceutical products and agricultural products to China. The booming industry of e-commerce has increased trade in goods between China and the EU, also propelling the need for dependable and effective freight services.

A reputed and trustworthy freight company keeps stores full, companies profitable, and customers satisfied. This also fosters optimum health of the global supply chain and economic expansion.

Different Freights From China To Europe & Their Advantages

As a freight service provider, we understand your need for reliable as well as efficient solutions as you manage your products across the continents to your place. However, choosing the best freight service comes with unique advantages such as cost and time efficiency, reliability, movement updates, freight options, etc. 

So, here are the primary freight options available between Freight from China to Europe, along with their benefits, so that you can choose the best as per your requirements:

1. Sea Freight – High Efficiency & Cost Efficient

Sea or ocean freight is the undisputed champion when it comes to transporting vast amounts of goods over long distances. This option offers the most cost-effective solution for bulky, durable items like machinery, furniture, and textiles. While global shipping experienced disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the trading volume reached €586 billion in 2020 and still it is growing bigger. So, here are the quick benefits of for opting Sea Freight from China to the EU: 

  • Most economical option (prices varying based on weight, cargo type, and chosen route)
  • This freight is ideal for businesses prioritizing cost-efficiency and transporting large volumes of products.
  • Most sustainable option as well, as it contributes to lower carbon emissions per unit transported.

2. Air Freight – Time Efficient For Sensitive Cargo

If you need to get your goods across continents quickly then air freight is the best option. Air freight is ideal for high-value items and time-sensitive cargo like electronics, pharmaceuticals, and fresh food items.

Thankfully, air freight capacity is steadily increasing and also giving economical price options to business owners. Let’s see its unique advantages:

  • Air Freight offers great speed and capacity.
  • This option is ideal for businesses that require speedy and secure delivery for urgent and high-value cargo.
  • When compared to the possible delays due to unforeseen weather situations and routes of sea freight, air freight is particularly versatile and reliable.
  • Air freight has a worldwide reach that is unmatched, especially when compared to road freight. It removes the inescapable difficulties in road haulage that come with shipping freight by water.
  • The risk of accidents via air freight is extremely low. The chance for accidents is further reduced by the shortened transit time in air transportation. Airports, which are well known for their strict rules also help to create a safe atmosphere.

3. Road Freight And Rail Freight – An Eco-Conscious Choice

Rail freight is gaining traction as a faster alternative to sea freight and a more sustainable option than air freight. This freight option is suitable for transporting a broader range of goods, which is limited to air freight.

The Belt and Road Initiative is boosting rail infrastructure between China and Europe and hopefully, it will offer faster and potentially more cost-effective options in the future for businesses. 

  • Cost-wise, rail freight usually falls between air and sea freight, with the cost varying according to the type of cargo and the distance travelled.
  • For businesses looking to strike a balance between speed, cost, and environmental effects, this is perfect. It works effectively for cargo with a moderate urgency.
  • Road freight offers unmatched convenience to both consumers and organizations by ensuring a direct route and door-to-door delivery option. 
  • The easy and streamlined documentation processes of rail and road freight transportation from China to the EU are highly regarded.
  • Road freight is the most versatile and adaptive way to even serve remote locations, which are frequently unreachable by rail, air, or sea.

How To Choose The Best Freight Service Option?

The best freight option depends on the individual’s and business’s specific needs. So, here are the questions that will help you to consider the right freight service:

  • How quickly do you need your goods to arrive?
  • What is your budget allocation for freight?
  • What are you shipping? Are there any special storage or handling requirements?

We offer a comprehensive range of freight solutions, including sea, air, and rail options. Our experienced team will help you choose the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your specific needs.

Mastiha Logistics also provides:

  • Real-time Tracking to monitor your shipment’s journey every step of the way.
  • Customs clearance expertise to help you navigate complex customs regulations with our experienced team.
  • Multimodal solutions that combine different freight modes for optimal efficiency.

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