China’s domestic freight industry is expanding rapidly and is a key component of the world’s logistics network. China’s freight volume has increased dramatically in recent years as well due to the country’s thriving eCommerce sector and flourishing domestic economy. According to the National Bureau of Statistics of China, the nation’s total freight traffic in 2023 was an astounding 54.4 billion tons, which is quite a fascinating 4.7% rise from the year before. It is thus expected that this growing trend will continue; with estimates indicating that by 2025, the domestic freight market in China will be worth USD 3.8 trillion, as per the reports by Statista. 

Let’s first understand – What is domestic freight and how does it work in China?

In China, “domestic freight” refers to the movement of goods or commodities within the country’s boundaries using a variety of means, including air freight, sea freight, train freight, and road freight. China’s enormous geological structure, availability of workers and dynamic economy make it easier for commodities to move between different areas, cities, and industrial hubs.

Within China, freight travels domestically via a sophisticated network of logistics fueled by cutting-edge technology and China’s modern infrastructure. And here, you can have a look at a quick breakdown of how it usually operates:

  • Booking – The process begins with the shipper booking freight services with a chosen logistics provider or carrier.
  • Pickup – Once booked, the carrier dispatches a vehicle or arranges and collects the products from the customer’s or shipper’s location.
  • Transportation – Goods are transported via road, rail, air, or sea, depending on the distance, budget limitation, urgency, and of course, the cargo type.
  • Tracking – Customers can easily track the progress of their shipments in real time via online tracking systems provided by freight service companies.
  • Sorting and Distribution – At transit hubs or distribution centers, shipments are carefully sorted as per the destination mentioned and then forwarded to the selected transportation mode for further delivery.
  • Last-mile delivery – Finally, the commodities are delivered to the consignee’s address or other specified place with the help of domestic freight services or delivery staff.
  • Documentation and Clearance – To guarantee government-set regulatory compliance, all relevant paperwork and customs clearance procedures are handled by the freight service company at each stage of the process.

Why – Seamless Domestic Freight Solutions In China

Thanks to significant infrastructure investments, technological improvements, and the existence of multiple logistics companies covering a huge range of transportation demands, China’s domestic freight Services has run seamlessly for decades.

Numerous factors are responsible for this boom in the domestic freight industry in China. Due to the country’s enormous skilled population and expanding middle class, domestic consumption is surging in China, affecting the need for efficient commodities movement or transport across the country. 

Moreover, the quick development of the eCommerce industry in China has completely changed how people purchase, impacting China’s online retail sales, which is now expected to reach an incredible USD 1.8 trillion in 2024 (Source – 

Benefits Of Domestic Freight Services

Domestic freight services matter more than you can imagine. It is not just within the boundaries, but seamless and efficient domestic freight services can improve the global logistics chain. 

For example: When you buy a cozy sweater online in China, and wish it to deliver to Germany, thinking it would be perfect for those chilly evenings. But it takes weeks to get, or worse, it gets lost, instead of arriving in a few days! That’s where domestic freight services come in. It contacts with the international freight forwarder and according to the mode of transportation (air, rail, ship, etc.), it delivers the product to the international freight station so that the product can leave the origin country to reach your home country’s receiving area. 

But how exactly do these services benefit us?

  • Speed and Convenience – Do you need that new sweater or gadget ADAP? Worry not, because domestic freight helps businesses deliver their purchases quickly and more efficiently. 
  • Ample Options: Whether you’re moving furniture across town or shipping a box of books to a friend, domestic freight services offer a range of options to fit your needs, from cost-effective ground shipping to faster air freight for urgent items.
  • Supporting Local Businesses – To transport and receive items, many businesses rely on domestic delivery services.Mastiha Logisticsas a trusted freight partner operates smooth and effective freight services, supporting a strong local economy.
  • Wider Selection – Love browsing unique shops in other cities? Now businesses can ship their items across the nation via domestic freight as well as continents with the help of domestic freight solutions. This gives you more options for things delivered straight to your home.
  • Peace of Mind: Are you concerned that your package may get lost during transit? Mastiha Logistics keeps your worries at bay by providing all-time tracking options so that you can always check the location and estimated arrival time of your item.

So, the next time when you receive a notification of delivery on your phone, just remember the unsung heroes of domestic freight services! 

Domestic Freight Network In China Strengthens The Global Logistics Network

China has thriving eCommerce, pharmaceutical, and agriculture industries, which have shown staggering growth for decades. So, what’s different?

China is not merely making changes within the country but is also striving to expand its reach across the world. The world market benefits from China’s thriving domestic freight industry for various reasons. 

Massive Market in Transition – By 2024, China’s domestic freight volume will reach an incredible 54.4 billion tons. The current user penetration is 45.2% (in 2024) and is expected to hit 55.8% by 2029. China has developed a very effective logistics network as a result of its internal commodity trading system.

E-commerce is booming – The eCommerce industry is flourishing in China, also due to smooth domestic freight services. According to Statista, in 2023, online retail sales saw a staggering USD 1.8 trillion business. As a result, the domestic network is strengthened and there is a constant flow of transportation of products within China. Therefore, when it comes to international freight services, domestic freights can readily help. 

Global Impact – China’s robust domestic network provides easier trading with other countries, be it the US or Taiwan. Effective domestic freight services guarantee that the products you order from China will arrive at local airports and ports swiftly with high security and tracking management. 

Choose The Right Domestic Freight Services In China

China is a powerhouse for online shopping and this country has a deep impact on several as well such as raw material production, agriculture, heavy industries, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The strong and well-structured domestic freight service in China is making linked international logistics services robust too. 

Here’s a quick guide to choosing the right domestic freight solutions:

Consider the unique needs of your cargo. Is it a giant box of medicines or a fragile piece of furniture? Different types of commodities need to have different sets of rules and regulations and thus, require unique handling. Look for a freight company that specializes in your specific needs.

Check out whether you need light-speed delivery our budget-friendly option our speed tracking service. According to this section on speed vs. cost, you can easily decide which company to pick as your delivery partner. 

A freight company with a proven record of deliveries, good reputation and happy customers can say a lot more than the companies who have none of these. Check your chosen company’s online reviews and recommendations as a starter. 

Do your research thoroughly and ask questions to the best freight service provider – Mastiha Logistics, for getting your goods where they need to go, smoothly and securely.

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